Custody Battle

10” 2010
I think of Custody Battle as the refined version of Anomic Suicide. It contains Travis and Pickle from said band and adds Zombie Religion singer, Loren, on bass. The sound is similar to Anomic Suicide’s in that it sounds like all the good players from the early SST bands formed a band that somehow didn’t suck. The playing is tighter and the songwriting has gotten slimmer and more minimalist and more focused. This is also the best recording of any of Travis’ many bands that I’ve heard. Because I know these guys it’s hard to separate how mean this sounds from what nice mellow guys they are. The music makes them sound deranged and heat fried. Ain’t one trace of that hippie love folk shit that is popular in all the bars up in Flagstaff. This is the type of music you can only see in basements and house shows where underage kids are getting loaded and making out and rocking out. Easily one of the best bands in Az. right now.


  1. hey JC,

    it's not Custody Battle related, but i'm wondering if you have the Los Federales demo tape and if so, could you post that up? i was about to rip my copy and post it on my blog, when i realized that somehow, half of the song "Boobies" is gone. recorded over. lost forever.

    hope all is well down there.


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  3. Whats up Jarrod... Cool blog man. You are bringing back many memories... You can check out my youtube page. I have some old videos from the good ole days on there.
    By the way, do you have any of the videos you recorded of Stuck or YBRK when we played the Hoff house or any other place? Also looking for copies of compilations we were on.